Dr. Laura M. Brown, ND

Position: Naturopathic Doctor
Location: Forward Health 951 Gordon St. Unit 8B Guelph, ON  519.826.7973

Dr. Laura M. Brown, ND will assist and encourage you to strengthen your health. Dr. Laura promises to first do no harm, to co-operate with the healing power of nature, address the fundamental cause of disease, to heal the whole person through individualized care, and to teach the principles of healthy living and preventative medicine. 

Dr. Laura is available for individual and group sessions. The picture to the left is Dr. Laura leading third year naturopathic students in a team building exercise.

Dr. Laura is a Certified Gluten Practitioner (CGP)

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Dr. Laura’s focus: Root Cause Medicine

-whole person & root cause: physical, emotional, cognitive, spiritual

-ensure right dose & safety of natural prescriptions. ND’s are trained in pharmaceutical interactions with botanical medicine & supplements.

-provide laboratory analysis for clear diagnosis and treatment results

-continually advance knowledge in the application of natural treatments including botanical medicine, homeopathy, clinical nutrition, lifestyle counseling, Traditional Chinese Medicine/acupuncture.

-provide live & friendly service to  arrange appointment; no need for Medical Doctor referral

- be adaptive and forward thinking in therapeutic management

- be a vital part of the collaborative health and wellness team of a patient

- educate the community on how to prevent and treat factors relating to cardio metabolic disease. 

What does Dr. Laura have to say about naturopathic medicine?  

"It is not difficult to see that the rising rates of complex, chronic disease create an unsustainable burden on the economy and existing health care system and changes need to be made to better serve our community. 

It is my understanding that conventional health care is rooted in acute service to rule out red flags and provide rapid diagnosis and referral to specialist and or pharmaceutical intervention. My experience tells me this is done through linear reductionism using well-researched algorithms to determine treatment. In our Western society the trend towards chronic disease poses a challenge to this existing health care model. This is where ND's are often sought out. In our training as a primary care provider, we consider the body as a whole: an integration of the unique biochemical individuality. We recognize that disease is a process on a continuum and illness is the result of imbalances in a complex system.  Because we invest about an hour for first appointment and about a half hour for most follow-ups, our model of approach tends well to the chronic condition.

I describe being a naturopathic doctor like being an art conservator…we both admire and honour the art before us. We evaluate the structural stability and determine the state of chemical and physical deterioration. We perform corrective treatment based on the evaluation of the character before us. Above all, our work methods must be gentle, provide conditions for prevention of further damage and bear the highest level of standards and performance.

Under hippocratic oath we dedicate ourselves to first do no harm, to co-operate with the healing power of nature, address the fundamental cause of disease and to heal the whole person through individualized treatment.  We do this through teaching the principles of healthy living and preventative medicine, removing obstacles to cure, providing tools for lifestyle change management, using our tools of naturopathic medicine and referring when something is beyond our scope of practice.

Therapies we apply to restore balance:

  • Western medical physical examination and diagnoses
  • Lifestyle and diet counseling
  • Traditional Chinese Medicine, including acupuncture
  • Botanical medicine
  • Neutraceuticals
  • Hydrotherapy
  • Homeopathy
  • Physical Medicine including therapeutic exercise, massage, basic chiropractic adjustments