When are wet socks good?

by Dr. Laura Brown
on 12 December 2012
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How wet socks can help you fend off a cold. 

You will need 3 simple things....

  1. a pair of thin cotton socks
  2. a pair of wool socks
  3. cold tap water

and in 5 easy steps....

  1. Get the thin pair cotton socks wet in very cold running water. Ring out. Bring them to bed with you and the wool socks.
  2. Sit on the side of your bed, pull the wet cotton socks on. Yes this feels weird. Just go with it. It's free after all!
  3. After you have managed to wriggle the wet socks on your feet, pull the wool socks over top.
  4. Slide under the covers and say good night.
  5. A circulation pump will pull the congestion out of your head as the body warms the feet and dries the socks. White blood cells will increase to help fight any infection. The socks will be dry in 4-6 hours.

Repeat nightly as needed. Safe for the whole family.

Enjoy your wet socks.


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